The Numerous Benefits of Car Camping

Easy-going beach vacations are wonderful. They can also get very expensive! One great way to have an adventure without emptying your bank account is car camping.

What is car camping? To put it simply, it’s the kind of camping where you drive to your campsite as opposed to hiking.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t hike. It’s just that car camping is typically less strenuous than backcountry camping. This makes it a lot easier when you are traveling with your spouse and children.

The benefits of car camping to a traditional vacation are numerous!

  1. A campsite is way cheaper than a hotel
  2. Food is cheaper (bring/cook your own food)
  3. More family-friendly (more things for kids to do)
  4. LOTS of activities, like hiking, hunting, building fire, wildlife-watching, swimming, fishing, and boating (if you stay near a lake)
  5. Opportunities to teach children about environment and respect for nature
  6. Meet new people at campsite

There is an endless amount of wonderful parks, both state and national, in the US. Each one offers its own features. Some are better than others for car camping so do your research!

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