The Risks of Distracted Driving are Undeniable

risks of distracted driving

Think back to when you first started driving. Remember how engaging it was? Remember how, at least for a short while, it seemed to take all of your energy and focus?

Driving still takes energy and focus, whether we think it does or not. The statistics regarding distracted driving prove this fact. Every day, nine Americans lose their lives because someone lost focus and gave over to some distraction like talking or texting on a cell phone.

Cell phones in particular create a lot of risk. The Huffington Post explains that one out of four automobile crashes involve a cell phone. It’s particularly a problem for young people. People aged 21 through 24 are “most likely to send a text or email message while driving.”

But it’s not just cell phones that cause issues. Believe it or not, driving while grieving can be as impairing as driving while drunk. One study found that a widow or widower’s chances of dying from an auto accident went up 93% in the three years following the death of their spouse.

In the end, it’s all about personal judgment when it comes to the risks of distracted driving. Legal penalties can only go so far to deter distracted driving. Try thinking back when you first started to drive. Remember how fun it was? How you were content to just…drive?

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