Three Odd Attractions in Alabama

Don’t let the feeling that you’ve seen it all prevent from you from hitting the road this summer with your friends. Check out these odd attractions in Alabama!

odd attractions in Alabama Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, AL
“Ave Maria Grotto, AL” Photo taken by Daniel Thornton.
  1. Ave Maria Grotto – Cullman, AL
    This miniature city was built by Brother Joseph Zoettl, a monk who joined the St. Bernard Abbey in the late 1800s. He was only 14 years old, poor and deformed when he joined. His official duty was manning the abbey’s pumphouse. To keep himself occupied, he created the models that still stand today.

    odd attractions in Alabama Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL
    “Sloss Furnace.” Photo taken by Melissa Dooley
  2. Sloss Furnaces – Birmingham, AL
    It’s a now-defunct, giant pig iron furnace facility that proves to be a strangely beautiful attraction. The two furnaces stand 60 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter. They are connected to all sorts of esoteric pipes and surrounded by many other wondrous and mysterious industrial structures. There really is no place like it. You can even take a guided tour!
  3. Natural Bridge – Natural Bridge, AL
    Amid the beautiful Natural Bridge Park is the natural bridge where the park gets its name. Made of sandstone and iron ore, the structure is over 200 million years old. If you visit, be sure and check out the Indian head relief carved into a nearby cliff. No one knows who carved it or how long it’s been there.

Be sure and bring your camera. These odd attractions in Alabama are the kind you’ll want to remember!

The Numerous Benefits of Car Camping

Easy-going beach vacations are wonderful. They can also get very expensive! One great way to have an adventure without emptying your bank account is car camping.

What is car camping? To put it simply, it’s the kind of camping where you drive to your campsite as opposed to hiking.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t hike. It’s just that car camping is typically less strenuous than backcountry camping. This makes it a lot easier when you are traveling with your spouse and children.

The benefits of car camping to a traditional vacation are numerous!

  1. A campsite is way cheaper than a hotel
  2. Food is cheaper (bring/cook your own food)
  3. More family-friendly (more things for kids to do)
  4. LOTS of activities, like hiking, hunting, building fire, wildlife-watching, swimming, fishing, and boating (if you stay near a lake)
  5. Opportunities to teach children about environment and respect for nature
  6. Meet new people at campsite

There is an endless amount of wonderful parks, both state and national, in the US. Each one offers its own features. Some are better than others for car camping so do your research!