Honda and GM Team Up for Next Generation Battery System

There is no denying that the future of the automotive industry will rely more heavily on electricity and battery power. Current battery systems are getting smaller and offering more electric driving range. However, to help advance this technology even further, Honda and GM have joined forces. This will help both companies accelerate their respective plans for all-electric vehicles.

“In addition to our ongoing joint development and production of fuel cells, this battery component collaboration will enable us to take a new step toward the realization of a sustainable society,” said Takashi Sekiguchi, Chief Officer for Automobile Operations and Managing Officer of Honda.

As part of this agreement, the two companies will collaborate on GM’s next generation battery system with Honda sourcing the battery modules from GM. Each company will be able to use the technology in the distinct vehicles. With a larger, global production scale, both automakers will be able to provide better overall value to customers.

This is not the first time Honda and GM have worked together. They previously formed the first manufacturing joint venture for an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system. This collaboration should produce a new hydrogen system by 2020 that is more affordable and efficient.

Here at Sunny King Honda, we are excited to see what innovation Honda will introduce next.