Honda Creates a Special Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Honda Civic

Ever since he has made his debut in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has been regarded as the fastest icon in the video game industry. Similarly, since it has debuted, the Honda Civic has earned a reputation as one of the sportiest affordable sedans in the automotive world. Therefore, it only makes sense for these two icons to come together in a big way.

According to a Honda press release, Honda has created a Special Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Honda Civic, which made its debut earlier this summer at Sand Diego Comic Con during the 25th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog celebration!

A modified 2016 Honda Civic, this special edition vehicle shares the same color scheme as the famous video game character. Gold trimming has also been added to the Civic vehicle in order to represent the golden rings that Sonic is always chasing after.

“What better way to showcase the incredibly sporty performance capability of the 10th generation Civic than by pairing it with gaming industry’s ultimate athlete – Sonic the Hedgehog,” said James Jenkins, Public Relations Manager for the Honda Division.

When you need a vehicle to celebrate 25 years of high-speed video game velocity, you need a sporty car. Fortunately, the Honda Civic is the perfect vehicle to celebrate Sonic’s momentous occasion!